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The sequel to The Colonial Gentleman's Son

Romance and Adventure in Ghana and England

Return to the Garden City, sequel to The Colonial Gentleman's Son takes the story of Kwame Mainu on three more years, time spent mainly in England but still involved in small-scale enterprise development in his homeland, Ghana. Helped by his estranged wife, Comfort, Kwame makes some progress in persuading his compatriots in Kumasi to abandon the drugs trade, but disaster ensues when one of the leading traders gains early release from prison  in England. Kwame realises that he and his family will never be safe as long as his adversary remains at liberty.

A Novel set in Ghana and England 

The Colonial Gentleman?s Son


Ghana: one of the world?s friendliest countries, full of people with pride in their rich cultural heritage. Formerly the British colony of the Gold Coast, Ghana gained independence in March 1957. In the Colonial Gentleman?s Son we follow the progress of Kwame Mainu, born at that auspicious time, as he grows to maturity through the first forty tumultuous years of Ghana?s independence.


The Ghana of Kwame Mainu in the 1980s and 1990s is illustrated in many photographs shown in the gallery. 

My books on Ghana are based on more than 26 years working to promote grassroots industrial development employing the resources of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi. In The Colonial Gentleman's Son, the story is told through the fictional life of Kwame Mainu, a young engineer who joined the industrial development programme just as
the university opened the first Intermediate Technology Transfer Unit (ITTU) at Suame Magazine, Kumasi, Ghana's largest informal industrial area, in August 1980.

Engineers and other professionals
involved in Third World small enterprise development might be
interested in my two earlier books published by Practical Action Publishing (http://
.org/). The Survival of the Fitter tells the true stories of many Ghanaian engineers and
industrialists who worked with the university between 1972 and 1995. The Intermediate Technology Transfer Unit is a handbook describing in detail how this concept worked in practice.

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A humorous book for children and adults

A humorous book based on stories written in Ghana in the 1970s for my three sons, Robin, Adrian and Steven, when they went to boarding school in England. Please see 'Children's Books' for more details. 

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